LOTRO Plugins by Morgantine

Gone Fishing

The window before you start fishing. The red bar means that your weapon is in hand.
The blue bar means that your fishing rod is in your hand.
You are armed again, but the gold frame around the shield means it still needs to be put on.

Gone Fishing is a plugin to make fishing easier by placing all of the appropriate shortcuts in one place, so they don't clutter your quickslots.

When the plugin first loads, it searches your equipped items for your weapon and shield/second weapon, and your backpack for a fishing rod. It displays these automatically in its window if found, along with the fishing button. (It should update automatically when you equip new weapons.)

A red bar appears if you have a weapon in your hand, and a blue bar if you have a fishing rod in your hand. To start fishing, right-click the fishing rod; to equip your weapons again, right-click on them. A gold border appears around those buttons that can be pressed.

The window can be minimized into a small transparent fishy icon, which always appears where the window was last located. You can show or hide the window with "/fish show" or "/fish hide".

Install it in the typical way; there are no dependencies.

Let me know if you like it!