LOTRO Plugins by Morgantine

Tool Time

Main window showing the tools equipped and in inventory, and which professions you use them for.
When closed, the window is replaced with an icon showing the equipped tools.

With the recent changes to the crafting system, you might discover a need to switch back and forth between two or three crafting toolsets. Enter ToolTime!

When run, ToolTime displays the crafting tools you have equipped (highlighted in gold) and any crafting tools you have in inventory. Below each tool is a list of your current professions that you would use those tools for. (Tools which give you no benefit are not shown.) You can right-click on a tool in the window to activate it as usual.

When the window is closed, it is replaced by a small icon showing a picture of the currently equipped tool. When you hover your mouse over it, the corresponding professions appear underneath. Click on the icon to open the window again. Note that this icon does NOT appear if you only have one set of tools, but you can show the window by typing "/tools show". Typing "/tools hide" will hide the window AND the icon.

Both window and icon can be dragged around, and both will always appear in the same location. This location is saved for all characters on all servers.

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