LOTRO Plugins by Morgantine

Wenda's Tracker of Town Services

If you are a VIP member of LOTRO you are probably familiar with Wenda Cranesbill, the woman who gives out Subscriber Benefits and Subscriber Town Services every two weeks. This plugin helps you keep track of when those benefits expire, as well as your inventory slots and carry-alls. A bit of a grab bag plugin-wise, but they're useful for me to have instantly accessible, and they might be useful for you too.


Installation is pretty standard: unzip the file and move the folder "Morgantine" to your Plugins folder.

Detailed Description

When the program first starts, it prints three lines on your screen.
  1. The first line shows you how long until your subscriber benefits expire, or it says "NO SUBSCRIPTION" if they have expired. It is color-coded: red for expired or less than one day, yellow for less than a week, and white otherwise.
  2. The second line shows you how many empty slots are in your inventory. I use this to know when it's time to stop and do some inventory management. This is also color-coded: red for fewer than 5 slots, yellow 5-10 empty slots, and white otherwise.
  3. The third line shows what carry-alls you have in your inventory. These are encoded as two letters telling you the type (so "Cr" for crafting, "Tk" for tasks, "Dy" for dyes, etc), and a third letter for the size (small, medium, or large). This line starts white when the plugin loads, but it turns red if the contents change: if you take a carry-all out of your shared storage, for instance, and forget to put it back.
    All three lines can be hidden in the options panel.
    By default, the lines are printed directly against the backdrop, and cannot be moved around. However, by clicking on one of the three lines (or with the checkbox in the options panel) you can change this into a normal, movable window which can be dragged around the screen. The movable screen has a couple other features:
  4. A pulldown menu showing you your alts and when their subscriber benefits end. This is updated automatically so long as you've logged in with that alt with the plugin running.
  5. A quickslot where the Subscriber Town Services icon appears automatically, so long as you have access to it.
    If you move this window to a new position, the text will remember to appear at that spot.